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Call Golden Age Companions anytime to get details about our services. Get personalized care plan for your elderly. We will accommodate your family’s needs. Contact us at (949)-630-0487 Or (866)-668-6800. You can also visit Golden Age Companions Office in Irvine California and Palm Desert Office. Following are some of our services:

24 Hour Care:

When you’re looking for a trustworthy and caring companion, 24 Hour Care is the perfect solution. These caregivers are booked daily to provide around-the-clock service where two people can work 12 hours each day (and sometimes 3 x 8-hour visits).

24 hour care services ensure that they will always be available when needed in case of an emergency or simply just want someone reliable who’s there at all times!

Live In Care:

Live-ins are a great option for those living in their own home who need some assistance around the house. The same personal care, daily necessities, and companionship services can be provided as other types of Home Care.

Though there may also be special requirements depending on your situation. However, it shouldn’t affect how much affordable this is going to cost, compared to other arrangements.

Companion Care:

Companionship is a great way to provide a fresh new perspective in your senior’s life. Companions care for the elderly is by helping with daily tasks, providing emotional support, and addressing any concerns they may have while giving the company as well!

There isn’t anything wrong with asking if you need some help around here. It could make all of those long days more enjoyable at home. Moreover, traveling becomes much easier with own terms. There are no worries about where things are located when needed most. A peace of mind that can last years down the road and better long term investment.

Meal preparation:

Meal preparation is the service of providing a loved one’s home with groceries and ingredients so that fresh, healthy meals can be prepared for them. This allows your senior to maintain their independence while still enjoying nutritious food in an environment they are comfortable eating it too!

Meal prep isn’t just beneficial for those who have trouble cooking or suffer from disabilities. It also works wonders if you’re traveling away on business left without enough time available but wants full responsibility at hand when possible.

Meal prepping not only provides many benefits like improved diet quality (which helps prevent chronic illnesses), increased well being as opposed to living almost completely off takeout options which often lack nutrients.

Medication Reminders:

Medication reminders are a service where an in-home caregiver comes into the home of their loved one for assistance with medications they may take daily or as necessary.

Those who need medication regularly must remember their dosage and time. Often this can become very difficult for our seniors when we age because someone is not always around at all hours to remind them about what needs to be taken each day.

Moreover, having an independent caregiving team member could be just what you need! With these professional caregivers of Golden Age Companions available twenty four seven via your smartphone app, it has become a lot easier. They’re able to keep track of how many pills have been taken and other necessary and asked information.

Personal Care & Hygiene:

Personal care is the term used for general tasks that are meant to maintain a person’s health and well-being. These are necessary in order to keep people of all ages healthy. These are especially important during old age when they become more prone to getting medical complications or different diseases.

Personal care and hygiene is an essential part of reducing the likelihood of contracting different illnesses. This may include urinary tract infections, bed sores or respiratory illness.

For seniors who are living alone or in assisted living facilities, these conditions can pose a threat to their health-care needs. It would require constant medical monitoring which may prolong hospitalization if necessary treatments aren’t adequate on their own without attention from personal caregivers too often enough. This makes having companion animals even more important than ever before because they provide love while also helping out around your home!

Respite Care:

Some people are better suited to caregiving than others. When you need to take a break from caring for your family member or friend who needs help, Respite Care can be the perfect solution.

Respite care professionals come into our homes so that we don’t have too much responsibility on our hands. This also ensures peace of mind for the elderly as they will know someone is there during hard times.

In addition, this gives those in distress time off by themselves without depending entirely upon another person – which everyone deserves!

Hospice Support:

Hospice support is a service that can be beneficial for senior citizens who are nearing the end of their lives. Our caregivers help these individuals with everything from basic housekeeping to companionship during this period. If you or someone close could benefit from them please read on!

It should also go without saying what all hospices have in store: skilled nursing care and doctor visits among other things like cooking meals every day or taking out the garbage when necessary.

You might not realize it but there will come up some tasks normal people take care off such as laundry. You know those endless piles of clothes living under your nose.

For seniors who are unable to do these things on their own without assistance should seek help from privately-employed caregivers available through Golden Age Companions.

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