Live-in Care

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in Caregivers live in the patients home, having their own room within the home
to provide round-the-clock care. This setting eliminates the time the caregivers
consume in commuting to and from your home. This also adds utmost
companionship to the patient with social isolation or loneliness due to disability or
health deterioration.

Why choose Live-in Care?

The Care live-ins provide is the same as other types of Home Care — personal care,
daily living, companionship, and nursing services (if trained and licensed), prepare
meals, shop, provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, church.

There are generally two types of live-ins: those who have their own home elsewhere
and those who live solely in the some of the client. These differences will affect the
type and cost of care. But in either case, a private room in the home is assigned to
the live-in, in addition to other reasonable amenities such as storage, parking,
kitchen privileges, etc.

Legal Details

The terms are always laid out in a contract clearly defining the responsibilities of both parties. A professional care provider like Golden Age Companions is ideal for protecting the rights and responsibilities of the client and the caregiver alike, live-in or otherwise.