Hospice Support

What is Hospice Support?

Hospice Care is for a terminally ill patient who’s expected to have six months or less
to live. People who receive hospice care have cancer, while others have heart
disease, dementia, kidney failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Why choose Hospice Support?

Golden Age Companions does not only want to improve the quality of life for our seniors but also focuses on the palliation of terminally ill patient’s pain who would want to spend their last months and days of life in their own homes. We service in decreasing the burden on family, decreasing the family’s likelihood of having a complicated grief and prepares family members for their loved one’s death.

Hospice programs generally use a multidisciplinary team approach, including the services of a nurse, doctor, social worker and clergy in providing care. Also include drugs to control pain; continuous home care at times of crisis; and bereavement services. Although hospice care does not aim for cure of the terminal illness, it may treat potentially curable conditions such as pneumonia and bladder infections, with brief hospital stays if necessary.