Disability Care

What is Disability Care?

Disability concede challenges like moving, washing, cooking and using the toilet. It can be a real struggle without assistance and could add more stress to the individual especially to those with degenerative disease, or finds themselves temporarily disabled. But with the right support, life with a disability can still be fulfilling and comfortable.

Why choose Disability Care?

Golden Age Companions devotes in lending a hand to support function and help people with disabilities to live independently and with dignity, right at their own home. We are advocates of personal empowerment in having control in order to boost wellbeing and self-esteem. We ensure to provide caregivers that have been carefully assessed in a multi-step process and reference checked.

Here are the services we offer to improve their flexibility, balance and movement and even give them advice on possible home modifications:

  • Lifting and transferring
  • Dressing and personal grooming
  • Help with using the bathroom and bathing
  • Help with housework and laundry
  • Assistance with complex needs