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Our caregivers are able to provide more than professional assistance. They also provide specialized services for a variety of care situations.

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What is Respite Care?

Respite care is when someone comes to your house and helps you. You can take a break from caring for your family member or friend who needs help. If you are caring for someone, it can be stressful. Respite care is a way for someone to support your friend or family member while you take some time off. Respite care can provide relief and peace of mind knowing that your loved one has help during hard times. Respite care is important because it gives people time to rest and everyone needs time off. Respite Care helps people maintain their independence and dignity by providing a time of rest and relief for those caring for others.

Types of Respite Care:

There are many different types of respite care all with the same goal, to help those taking care of others by giving them some time off. There are several different forms of respite and some include:

Vacation Care: similar to hiring a babysitter for your children, vacation care is when someone comes into the home for a short period of time (a few hours or overnight) and takes care of the loved one. This can be very beneficial to family members who need time away from their role as primary caregiver. In general vacation care is used as a regular practice.

Short Term Respite Care for Seniors: short term respite can also be provided to seniors who are usually at risk of being placed in nursing homes or assisted living facilities due to their dependency on others. This form of respite care is very beneficial for those seniors who do not want to live in an institution, but require a break from the demands of home care.

Respite Care Benefits

The main benefits of respite care include relieving emotional stress and anxiety on family members, helping to decrease the negative aspects of the role as primary caregiver (such as depression), giving some relief to those providing care, quality time for the caregiver, peace of mind for caregivers knowing their loved ones are in good hands during their absence, helps reduce family conflict & relieves stress caused by physical care.

Why Use Respite Care?

Research has shown that using respite care has many positive effects on family members who are primary caregivers. Some of these include giving some relief and a break from the demands of care, improving family relationships and eliminating stresses. Caregivers often feel exhausted and experience low self-esteem due to physical care they provide to their loved ones as well as the emotional toll such as dealing with behavioral challenges. Respite services can be beneficial for all parties involved including those receiving care and those providing it.

Golden Age Companions Can Make a Difference:

Golden Age Companions is a home care agency that provides help with companion caregivers to individuals who require support, but do not want to leave their homes. Respite services can be provided by our caregiver specialists if the individual requires some relief from time to time. We understand how important it is for families to take care of themselves as well as providing care for their loved one. We are dedicated to helping families alleviate stress and anxiety by providing the highest level of quality care possible.


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