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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are able to provide more than professional assistance. They also provide specialized services for a variety of care situations.

What is Personal Care & Hygiene?

Personal Care is the term used for general tasks that are meant to maintain a person’s health and well-being. These are necessary for people of all ages, but especially important during old age when people are more prone to getting medical complications or different diseases. Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of personal care that must be taken into consideration.

Why is it important?

Personal care and hygiene can help reduce the likelihood of contracting different illnesses including urinary tract infections, bed sores, respiratory illnesses, etc. For seniors who are living alone or in assisted living facilities, these different conditions can pose to be very dangerous. They would require constant medical monitoring and may even prolong hospitalization. This would be especially difficult for the seniors who are living alone.

How can it be achieved?

Having an in-home caregiver to assist with personal care and hygiene is one of the most convenient ways to maintain a person’s health. Personal care is all about taking small, daily tasks and making them more efficient for people with lack of physical ability. Having the help of someone who has experience with personal care services can prove to be much more beneficial for seniors.

Do I need to pay extra fees?

The benefit of having a Golden Age Companions caregiver is that we provide all inclusive pricing, with no extra fees for hygiene assistance. When compared to being at home, if your loved one is in a nursing home, there is almost always an extra charge, often $150 or more per shower.

When might one need personal care & hygiene?

Often as people age, they become less able to take care of themselves. This may be due to a combination of physical and mental decline. Some seniors who live alone, suffer from memory problems and forget to clean themselves.  Being unable to fix their own meals or wash themselves can expose them to many illnesses and potential infections.

What types of services do we provide?

Golden Age Companions offers a variety of senior personal care services including bathing, grooming, medication reminders, meal preparation, errands, light housekeeping and more.

How do I go about hiring a caregiver?

You can contact our office online or by phone at 949-630-0487 to speak with one of our friendly case manager. We’ll be delighted to answer any queries you may have about our services and schedule an appointment for us to begin the matching process for a caregiver for your loved one.

Schedule a free Care Consultation.

During your Care Consult, we get to know you and your familyʼs needs. We work with you to develop a personalized Care Plan. Leave us your information, and we’ll contact you.

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