Our Story

About Us

At Golden Age Companions, we don’t just provide in-home care, we provide fast, reliable, hands-on care with a guaranteed caregiver you’ll love.

We’re dedicated to providing personable, hands-on, and integrated caring services that aim to help people maintain safe and comfortable life standards within the familiar settings of the home. The company is the brainchild of Scott McKenzie, who became passionate about the home care industry after witnessing it’s value first hand, caring for his grandmother and appreciating the value of quality care received within the domestic environment. Sadly, Scott’s beloved grandmother was later transferred to a nursing home beyond his control where she received substandard care, passing away shortly thereafter. Our founder’s firsthand experience was a catalyst for his commitment to helping elderly people enjoy high quality care within their own homes for as long as possible.

We treat each client and caregiver match as if they were our own family members, making sure we’d feel just as confident in pairing that caregiver with our own loved ones.

Our Mission

In cooperation with customers, community, and staff, we’re dedicated to offering guaranteed, quality-based outcome healthcare services. Golden Age Companions has a strong faith in producing leaders and serving it’s employees, patients, and customers with integrity and honesty. As a healthcare provider, we are committed to not only provide home care, but care of the highest caliber.

The Team

Scott McKenzie

Chief Visionary Officer

Scott underscores the importance of helping the senior citizens enjoy their sunset days. As the founder and president of Golden Age Companions, a non-medical home care agency specializing in helping seniors live independently in their own homes, he maintains a strong drive for assisting them live quality lives.

Over the years of working with family members, professionals and organizations, Scott’s exceptional ability, professionalism, outstanding reliability and a great personality has helped in enhancing the internal infrastructure that allows Golden Age Companions to continually progress towards growth and in fulfilling its strategic intent. He has led his team to winning various prestigious awards including the Spectrum Award by City Beat News for Excellence in Customer Service and Servant Leadership model consecutively for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. He has successfully led the company through significant periods of growth and continues to expand the Golden Age footprint through strategic partnerships and expanded services.

Scott has recently developed a brand new ‘showroom’ model for the in-home care business by launching a second branch in Palm Desert, Ca. It aims at offering a retail location for loved ones to seek home care in person.


Danielle has been with Golden Age Companions since November 2017. As the Home Care Liaison for GAC she is responsible for overseeing client services that include management, logistics, and coordination.

She is known for her hospitality, patience and genuine character. She draws her daily motivation from a deep desire to help others; a desire that led her to pursue further education and holds a Masters Degree in Public Health- Community Education and Health Promotion.

Danielle understands that people have different needs and each family situation is unique. As such, she tailors a unique approach to suit each situation, allowing her to provide the right care.
Her passion for elderly care knows no office hours. Away from work, you’ll still find her caring for the needy. She is mother to a 3 year old boy and as much as she’d love to squeeze in some free time for hobbies, caring for others is all the hobbies she knows.