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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are able to provide more than professional assistance. They also provide specialized services for a variety of care situations.

What are Medication Reminders?

Medication reminders are a type of service where a caregiver comes into the home of their loved one to provide assistance for them with medications they may take daily or as necessary.  It is crucial that those who need medication on a daily basis remember their dosage and time, often times this can become very difficult for our seniors as they age.  Medication reminders are provided to help avoid detrimental mistakes, such as overdosing or taking the wrong medication at the wrong time.  By having an in-home caregiver come into their loved ones home, it is like having a helping hand there for them each and every day.

     Keep medications organized tips and tricks:

Medication reminders are a great way to ensure your loved one is taking the appropriate medication at the right time so they do not forget. You can keep them organized by making a calendar for each month, marking off which medications they need to take and when. This will also help them from getting confused as to what day it is and what medication they should take. By doing this it can also help them remember when their next dosage is.

The caregiver will provide daily checks to the home to ensure that all prescriptions are filled and that no medications need replacing, such as vitamins or over the counter meds that may expire. Then, depending on their arrangement with you, they can also do some housekeeping chores or help out around the house so that they are not stuck sitting there all day waiting for medication.  This can free them up to have their own activities they enjoy, live more independently and minimize days spent in hospital due to lack of activity.

Golden Age Companions offers a Medication Reminders Service to help your loved one organize their medications so that they are not forgotten or missed at the right time, which can be all too easy if left up to our seniors. Depending on what you think is best for your loved one, the caregiver will check the medications during their shift when they visit your loved one.

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